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YOURSOCCERCOMPANY offers unmatched services towards the growing international football or soccer market. Active in Europe, China, India and the USA, YourSoccerCompany helps Soccer and Football associations, directors, clubs, coaches and other organizations to improve their strategy, education, implementation, recruitment and all other services connected to the modern football or soccer. We advise many big soccer organizations worldwide with our high quality competences. Who we are? The full service soccer company, YOURSOCCERCOMPANY!

Our services:

Online Dutch video soccer exercise explanation

Recruitment and outplacement of qualified coaches

Strategy, education and all soccer related business issues

Advanced soccer program for kids, coaches and PE teachers

Player agency and lobbyist for top soccer players

Getting a head start of the competition

GloryStone Sports

Especially for the Chinese market we have our Chinese Business Partner, GloryStone Sports. GloryStone’s goal is to achieve the revitalization of Chinese football, GloryStone Sports will provide the most professional football services for soccer lovers and businesses.

Football has become the core product in the GloryStone Sports portfolio, our strategy is to promote the long-term development of football players in China, and to provide the most professional, reliable and affordable high-quality football services. GloryStone Sports has excellent contacts and networks in the Chinese football circle.

Vincent van Sas, CEO of YourSoccerCompany, presenting our business in China to the King and Queen of the Netherlands.