Yoursoccercoach finds the talent you need to take the next step.

The role of soccer scouts in a developing and mature football market is crucial. Scouting will determine whether your efforts in football education will be rewarded and pay out. Therefore we see scouting as one of the key factors in football education and football academies. Which players are ready to take the next step and which players aren’t.

Yoursoccerscout, one of the expertise areas of Yoursoccercompany offers high quality scouting with the top scouts who worked for the Dutch soccer Academy. This high quality scouting eventually results in a stronger competition on all levels and a higher financial efficiency when it comes to signing players for professional contracts or transfers.

With the globalization of football, scouting becomes more and more important to have the finacial rewards in terms of results, prize money, television revenues, sponsorships and of course player transfers.


The scouts of Yoursoccercompany will attend youth matches, youth tournaments, domestic, national or international on all desired levels.

Together with our clients we will develop a complete scouting plan and structure. We will provide them with detailed reports on players in a structured and continuous way.

The scouts who often receive tips from agents, peers and colleagues, will look for certain characteristics in a player such as speed, strength, aerial ability and goalscoring abilities depending on the position they play. The player’s character will also be assessed. Does he have the necessary work rate and mentality? Does he look after his body? Is he injury prone?

The job of the scout is to attend matches and build up a knowledge base that a club manager, football association football developer needs.

A good scout is crucial when it comes to getting a head start on the competition!