YourSoccerPlayer is player agency and lobbyist for top soccer players. Our services:

  • Realization of international transfers towards China and vice versa The Netherlands
  • Coaching on a sporting, technical and tactical level
  • Recruiting the right player for the right club
  • Legal services (contract guidance)

YourSoccerPlayer works at a high level and in close cooperation with DVAN Advocates in Utrecht and Rotterdam.

YourSoccerPlayer’s key concepts are: reliability, tenacity and openness.
For us there’s one interest: the interest of the athlete. No secret appointments, no hidden agendas and clear accountability and a secure reporting at any time.

YourSoccerPlayer is an activity of Vincent van Sas  (on the right) and Frans Vertregt (on the left). Although we are both officially a ‘Players Agent licensed by the Royal Netherlands Football Association’, we do not see ourselves as a typical ‘players’ agent’, we rather see us as an intermediary .

Vincent van Sas: “Our work is much more than a transfer. We try to be the best guide for a player, his well-being, right state of mind and to get the most out of his athletic career, that’s what concerns us. Once that is in order, the financial success comes naturally.”


  • Contract guidance

    The agreements between clubs and players have become very important, a complicated but good contract contains much more than the agreed salary and the transfer of the player. It is for the player of the utmost importance that in a contract not only his duties but also his rights are carefully recorded. Far too often players' sign unfair contracts.

  • Technical and tactical advice

    With a transfer you only get one chance to get it right. Especially with a move to a foreign club we take many important aspects into account. It’s of great importance that the 'watertight' contracts and foreign 'small print' are well understood. YourSoccerPlayer represents this. A transfer is not just about what happens at the office of the manager, but above all what happens on the field of the new club and whether the new employer has been the right choice. Is the playing style of the interested club in line with the specific qualities of the player? Which system of play is the club having? Is it easy to talk to the coach or is he inaccessible? A nice contract is beautiful, however a player wants to play, not being a benchwarmer.

  • Mental coaching

    To succeed in football, talent is a criterion. However talent alone is not enough to succeed. Of equal importance is perseverance and resilience, which are mostly mental things, Without these skills it will be difficult to succeed. We will support you on how to deal with criticism? How to act in the group? Are you easy or difficult to coach? A clear self-image will help your career.

  • Coaching of players

    The success of a player is not only depending on the small prints in his contract or a watertight tax structure. No, there are many more factors involved. A player who will get major or minor problems during his football life abroad, is derived and will eventually not be able to focus on his career. Therefore it is important to make the football player feel good in all areas involved. YourSoccerPlayer supports this and takes care of all aspects for an intensive player guidance. What do we do? We take care of your business and future. We are your representative. Your business is our business!