Since June 2015 we are recruiting qualified and skilled coaches especially for the Chinese market. At the moment we have in our database well over 200 coaches with UEFA C, B, A and even PRO.

The name YourSoccerCoach has become well known and established in The Netherlands for the last few years, mainly through the wide publicity and use of our online Dutch soccer training system called ‘MijnVoetbalTrainer’. With a market share of nearly 20% we provide hundreds of clubs with the best soccer exercise database.

Also our cooperation with the biggest sports/soccer publisher ‘Sports Facilities’ gives us the advantage of communicating directly with thousands of trainer/coaches in The Netherlands.

So whether you need a young fresh UEFA C coach or an experienced highly qualified UEFA A (or even PRO) coach, YourSoccerCoach can provide them!

Our recruiting process

Our recruiting process consists of the following.

ROUND 1: First impression

  • A good first impression of the candidate via a telephone call
  • We make sure the candidate clearly articulates, speaks reasonably English, has the right qualifications and is suited for a job of at least 6 months in a vastly different culture
  • He or she must have a healthy work attitude, work flow and accountability, this enabling the club or schools to grow and prosper

ROUND 2:  The first interview at our office

  • General Information: The job description and job classification
  • Position Purpose: Describes the club or school functions.
  • Essential Functions: Describes the duties and responsibilities of the position
  • Minimum Requirements: Check of basic qualifications which were established in advance
  • Preferred Qualifications: Skills and experience preferred in addition to basic qualifications

ROUND 2.1: Review applicants and develop a short list

ROUND 3: The second interview at our office

  • In this interview we are accompanied by our Chinese partner GloryStone Sports
  • In advance the coach was handpicked by YourSoccerCoach, GloryStone Sports and the city or club who requested the recruiting
  • Basic position and pay information will be discussed
  • Questions will be relevant to the position and seek information on specific skills and abilities
  • Reference Check
  • Then we Initiating the offer, negotiate the offer and finalizing the offer

ROUND 4: The contract signing, visa application and work permit

  • Both parties must the sign a English/Chinese standard coach contract
  • YourSoccerCoach and GloryStone Sports will arrange the visa application
  • The work permit is the responsibility of the city or club

ROUND 4.1: Recruiting fees

  • When all the documents are in order YourSoccerCoach will invoice the city or club
  • The recruitment fee is 12% of the monthly gross salary for the duration of the contract