About MVT BV

MVT BV was founded in 2012 by Vincent van Sas, Frans Vertregt and Jorg van der Breggen. MVT developed a unique e-learning course for football trainers. First for the Dutch market, since 2015 also for the international market. Today MVT is one of the most innovative football companies in recreational and campus football, understanding the needs of beginning football coaches worldwide. MVT developed a total football solution with which our partners can implement a complete strategy to develop football in their club, region or country.

The people of MVT are amongst the top of their specialization. Our ambition is to become world leader in Total football for the youth worldwide!

In Holland we believe that Football should be a lot of fun. That’s why our philosophy is based upon a services where we educate in a pleasurable and playful way.


  • Vincent van Sas
    Vincent van Sas Shareholder and CEO

    Shareholder and CEO – MVT BV since January 2012. Specialized in:  Application design, Product development, Marketing /Sales, Sport marketing Football. Date of birth: 16 May 1964. Marital Status: Married, three kids.

  • Frans Vertregt
    Frans Vertregt Shareholder and COO

    Shareholder and COO – MVT BV since January 2012. Specialized in Sales/Marketing and Recruitment. Date of Birth: 22 October 1968. Marital Status: Married, one kid.

  • Maickel Weyers
    Maickel Weyers Shareholder and CFO

    Shareholder and CFO – MVT BV since May 2014. Maickel Weyers is investor and specialized in administration. He is continuously involved in the development of MVT BV on an national and international basis.

  • Jan Murre
    Jan Murre Shareholder and CTO

    Shareholder and CTO – MVT BV since January 2012. Jan Murre is one of the top programmers in the Netherlands. At MVT BV he is responsible for the design and programming of all applications. Jan Murre is specialized in building complex structures using Google App engine, AMAZON S3 and more of the latest technologies in order to guarantee unmatched performance and limitless scalability.

  • Thijs Jonkman
    Thijs Jonkman Shareholder and Frontend development

    Shareholder and Frontend development – MVT BV since January 2012. Thijs Jonkman is responsible for the interfaces in our applications. Thijs Jonkman is specialized in Web applications and APP for mobile devices.

  • Jorg van der Breggen
    Jorg van der Breggen Content manager Football

    Content manager Football – MVT BV since January 2012. At MVT BV Jorg van der Breggen is from day 1 responsible for the football technical content and consultancy. Jorg van der Breggen has worked in grassroots football and also in the professional youth academy of Sparta Rotterdam in several positions (trainer, coach, coordinator….)  until July 2015. Since the 1st of September 2015, Jorg van der Breggen works for the Royal Dutch Football Organization (KNVB) in Zeist, the Netherlands.

  • Arjen Voortman
    Arjen Voortman Instructor

    Instructor – MVT BV Since August 2015. Arjen Voortman is responsible for developing courses, organizing soccer camps, recruiting and the office. Arjen studied Business Administration and is MBA. He worked successfully in Banking before he started working for MVT. Arjen is also a UEFA B coach and a very successful youth trainer.

  • Robert Jan Huijben
    Robert Jan Huijben Audiovisual designer and editor

    Audiovisual designer and editor – MVT BV since January 2015. Robert Jan Huijben is responsible for the editing of the video content. RJ Huijben is specialized Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere and Storyboarding. He also is responsible as the director during the football recordings.

  • Mathijn Uilenbroek
    Mathijn Uilenbroek Graphical Designer

    Graphical Designer – MVT BV since May 2015. Mathijn is the graphical designer of MVT BV and specialized in Industrial design, graphical design and Interface design. Mathijn studied Industrial design at the famous Technical University of Delft. Mathijn is responsible for all artwork for MVT BV and is standardizes all our work in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator .

GloryStone Sports

GloryStone’s goal is to achieve the revitalization of Chinese football, GloryStone Sports will provide the most professional football services for soccer lovers and businesses.

Football has become the core product in the GloryStone Sports portfolio, our strategy is to promote the long-term development of football players in China, and to provide the most professional, reliable and affordable high-quality football services. GloryStone Sports has excellent contacts and networks in the Chinese football circle

We would like to establish a football training base and bring Dutch youth football training methods together with YourSoccerCompany into China. Football is seen as the world’s most important sport, China needs to promote the healthy development in football as the economy grows.

The development of football For the Chinese government it is of great importance. The continuous progress of China’s Football Reform Plan will most certainly bring the Chinese soccer industry into a golden age. Therefore, there is huge market potential for soccer in China.

The people

  • Mr. Li Ming
    Mr. Li Ming Manager of China national under-20 football team

    Mr. Li Ming, also connected to GloryStone is a former Chinese international footballer and the current the manager of China national under-20 football team. As a footballer he was a highly respected player who played his whole career for Dalian Wanda FC and was part of the team that dominated Chinese football by winning eight league titles with them.

    His international career saw him play for the Chinese national team throughout the 1990s and early 2000s where he was widely acknowledged as one of the most technically gifted Chinese players ever.

  • Mr. Luo Qiang
    Mr. Luo Qiang

    Investor and Shareholder at GloryStone Sports BV. He’s a former professional footballer of Jiangsu Shuntian, specialized in Sports marketing Football. Date of birth: 8 July 1985. Marital Status: Married, two kids.

  • Mr. Fei Teng ‘Travis’
    Mr. Fei Teng ‘Travis’

    CEO and Shareholder at GloryStone Sports BV. Master of Business Administration. Specialized in: Product development, Marketing & Sales, Sports marketing Football. Date of birth: 30 March 1976. Marital Status: Married.

GloryStone van der Sar

GloryStone’s Mr. Luo Qiang (on the left) and Mr. Fei Teng ‘Travis’ (on the right) meeting the famous goalkeeper Mr. Edwin van der Sar.